CharacTell's mission is: To constantly demonstrate leadership in the field of character and document recognition by offering competitively priced products that would satisfy real customer needs - developers and users alike - in existing and growth markets.


From its very beginning CharacTell maintains the belief that it is possible to break technological barriers in the area of automated character recognition. We met this goal by developing our first technology, Advanced Character Recognition™ (ACR™), the only existing technology that is capable of reading a range of unstructured handwritten notes.


Handwriting is one of the most common and natural ways for humans to communicate. This is true for what we do: notes we take, letters we write, and documents we produce. ACR uniquely identifies characters based on concepts equivalent to methods used to analyze the structure of the human genome. ACR has the ability to learn languages, fonts, and individual handwriting styles, quickly and completely, using smaller sample sets than any existing technology. It identifies characters with accuracy rates resembling the determinism generated when DNA analysis is used to pinpoint the identity of an unknown person. An important and strategic feature of ACR is that is learns and trains not only uniquely, but at a fraction of the time, sample size and cost that is needed elsewhere.


We did not stop there. Over the years we have developed several technologies that comport to the same philosophy resulting in more accurate reading, faster performance, and easy to acquire and operate products. We continued this tradition and supported our mission by developing the FormStorm and idCliQ product collections, and offering superior performance, robust features, and unparalleled cost of ownership that is packaged in easy to use systems. Today, CharacTell solutions process many millions of forms, invoices, identification documents, and a range of other documents on six continents.


Ofer Comay

Architecture & Technology

Ofer leads our team when it comes to core technology and overall product design and architecture.

Marina Appelbaum

QA and Applications

No software or customer application and setup gets out the door without first clearing Marina's thorough testing. No one is better in putting together elegant and efficient customer solutions.

Vitaly Khodkevich

Systems Engineering

Vitaly really puts the meat on the bone. From the smallest function to the most complex module or data structure, he is in charge to make it ideas (his and the rest of us) become product reality.


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