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Document classification for old archives and mail rooms

CharacTell developed and implemented FormStorm Classification, a robust automated system whose purpose is to classify documents based on any hierarchy and scheme. The system has been applied to process high volumes of a wide variety of document types such as personnel files, retirement documents, loan and mortgage applications, and many others.

At the heart of FormStorm Classification is CharacTell technology that identifies very accurately the collective features of an incoming document, and decides on its classification in the context of a predefined scheme. The classification scheme is created once at the outset of implementation based on a small sample of expected documents.

The system offers a simple and quick way of adding new document types during the course of its operation. Effectively, the scope of classification and its accuracy improves over time, thus resulting in further reduction in required processing personnel as well as overall costs.

Classification screen in FormStorm. In the left typist sees the document, and in the right a sample document from the same class.