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Data Extraction from any Form

FormStorm Enterprise is a state-of-the-art form processing software that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), barcode recognition, form classification, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured form recognition and other advanced techniques in order to reduce the cost and time required to capture and enter data from paper to databases while maintaining the high accuracy required.

With FormStorm you can apply any of its multiple built-in engines to any known form (structured reading), or forms of varying layouts (semi-structured or some unstructured forms).  You can use our low cost starter package to handle low forms volume, or scale up to process any volume, even hundreds of millions of forms.


FormStorm is ideal for a wide range of applications, only a small sample of which is:


  • Conference & reunions enrollment

  • Incoming invoices (accounts payables)

  • Magazine and other subscriptions

  • Insurance policy registration

  • Insurance claim forms

  • Credit card and account applications

  • Mortgage origination applications

  • Driver's license and identity card applications

  • Voter registration forms & civil records

  • Applications for school, college, and university admissions

  • Warranty cards registration


FormStorm follows the following steps, most of which are fully automated:

Scanning. You can drive a dedicated scanner, or search for files on disk to feed the internal queues. FormStorm applies specialized grayscale technologies to prepare your images for maximum results.

Matching. One of FormStorm’s most powerful technologies searches for the best match between any incoming document and one that may exist in its template library. If a match is found, the document is processed accordingly. If not, the form (invoice, for example) is processed as an unknown document. This approach balances high throughput and the ability to process documents without prior setup.

Process. Either according to a template or as an unknown form, the range of engines and relevant functions is applied to the form, and the desired data is extracted. FormStorm can process any desired volume of forms as high as hundreds of millions of forms.

Validation. Built-in data validation tests are applied as part of the processing to help increase accuracy. Dictionaries may be linked to fields, addresses are compared to postal databases, line items are checked for consistency and totals are calculated and compared.

Verify. The opportunity for manual data verification is provided for questionable characters. This step can be skipped, if desired, so that data verification can be performed elsewhere in case FormStorm is integrated.

Export. Once approved, the data is exported in standard XML or CSV formats, along with original and processed image that can be archived and later accessed.

FormStorm is available as a ready to use stand-alone or networked system, or as an overall form processing engine that can be integrated into 3rd party applications.

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