Artificial Intelligence Robot (BOT)

Artificial intelligence Rrobot is the term referrinf to the ability of the robot to perform tasks usually done by humans. Basically, it is a technology that makes decisions by recreating the human thought process. 

Robots, or simply bots also known as Bots, are made in order to do programmed to perform tasks without much human intervention. The main goal of creating AI bots is to perform heavy or repetitive tasks for humans. 

More often than not, the terms AI and robots are often used interchangeably, which is incorrect. AI is a process where it imitates human thoughts in learning things, solving problems, and making decisions. On the other hand, a robot is a machine built and programmed to perform specific tasks and duties. 

Aside from physical AI robots, today, software robots are also available integrated with artificial intelligence. Software AI bots are used to automate heavy or repetitive tasks for humans. In business, institutions make software AI bots to learn document reading, dynamic interface recognition, and conversation analysis in order to create complex business decisions.

Software robots are integral tools in robotic process automation. RPA uses software bots to automate business processes – which saves time, makes employees productive and efficient, reduces storage space for paper files, manages more accurate data, and increases customer satisfaction.  

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