Automated Form Processing

Processing forms and entering them into a database or excel manually is an outdated way of managing business processes. Today, automated form processing has become the norm because handling a large amount of information is prone to human error if processed manually. 

Automated form processing is the process of capturing or scanning a document to extract data and make the extracted information available in a back-end system. It uses predefined layouts or templates to capture or process forms automatically sometimes using OCR Bots. Some of the common data it captures are text, images, barcodes, QR codes, handwriting, and signatures.  

Unlike manual form processing, automated form processing of simple requests can take only minutes or hours since the technology can streamline information to involved stakeholders faster. Furthermore, it can save some storage space since storing the data does not need a physical space for piles of paper, instead, the data is in a single and accessible system in a computer.

Furthermore, tracking the form is easier in automated form processing. It enhances accountability and security, as well as improves customer experience.  

Automated form processing uses advanced technologies to capture, read, and extract data. Usually, it utilizes OCR, ICR, bar code recognition (BCR), and optical mark recognition* (OMR).   

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