Document Processing & Recognition

In this age of technology, digitizing data and information is crucial to make business processes quicker and more efficient. A document may need to undergo document processing and recognition to capture, extract, classify, validate, store, and manage data so that an organization can easily access necessary information it can use for its business operations. 

Document processing and recognition maximize several technologies, such as the following: 

  • Optical character recognition (OCR) converts captured or scanned images of text into machine-readable data. 
  • Intelligent character recognition (ICR) – same function as OCR but with advanced features of identifying and converting handwritten texts with higher precision. 
  • Robotic process automation* (RPA) – executes the repetitive process of extracting data from records or forms with equivalent structure following pre-set rules using bots supervision.   
  • Machine learning* (ML) – imitates human learning and uses algorithms to enhance its ability to perform tasks based on necessary information.  
  • Natural language processing* (NLP) – assesses the used language in the document to understand its meaning and derive some insights. 

These technologies are integral in processing and recognizing documents. With automated document processing and recognition tools, businesses or institutions can save time and cost from manual data entry. Also, it can improve data accuracy and employees’ productivity. 

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