Mailroom & Digital Mailroom Automation

Mailroom refers to the room where incoming and outgoing mail is sorted and processed. Meanwhile, the digital mailroom captures physical mail and converts it into a digital format that can be delivered, stored, or accessed at any time. 

Digital mailroom automation involves using advanced software technologies to produce a single system to streamline paper and electronic mail. In digital mailroom automation, after the mailroom receives paper mail, intelligent capture document technologies can digitize the content of the mail. Then, the digital mailroom system can classify the mail and distribute them to certain people to address specific business processes or operations. 

Automating the mailroom offers less time spent handling attached documents manually. The system can identify and extract crucial data from a file automatically. Moreover, sorting mail manually can be very time-consuming. With an automated digital mailroom, a worker or employee can spend more productive time doing actual tasks that can benefit the company.  

Moreover, an automated digital mailroom immediately sends important emails to specific people. The system can classify the content of the email faster and with more accuracy, which may lead to an improvement in business workflow or customer satisfaction. 

Today, companies that heavily rely on processing information via mail or email, use automated digital mailrooms powered with software technologies for their business operations. 

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