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The Most Accurate and Flexible ID Reading Solution Anywhere

idCliQ™ is a line of robust, accurate, and flexible software-only solutions to the challenge of reading and extracting data from identity documents. idCliQ is available to developers to incorporate in larger scope systems while operating locally or via the cloud. Stand-alone applications supporting specific needs are available for standard installation at customers’ sites.


idCliQ reads driver licenses and other ID's from all USA states, and other countries like Canada, European countries, Australia and more. According to our tests, made on US ID document that were captured by mobile devices or scanners, idCliQ is the most accurate ID recognition software anywhere.


idCliQ reads both sides of a wide range of identity cards, and accurately OCRs the printed information from them. If barcodes are present (1-D and 2-D PDF 417), they are read as well. As an integral part of the processing various internal validation checks are made automatically, such as address and name verification, as well as other cross checks.


idCliQ’s underlying technology is based on years of development and expertise in the field of image and document processing, and optical character recognition. idCliQ offers an unparalleled and unique combination of advanced reading, matching, and other recognition processes, all working in tandem under the hood. Where idCliQ has been field-tested, it was to meet or exceed the speed and reading performance level of any competitor.

The ONLY practical driver license OCR for mobile

idCliQ’s ability to process and read ID documents captured by mobile devices is key. In an internal benchmark we conducted using authentic US driver licenses, both from scanners and mobile devices, idCliQ was clearly superior compared to its main competitor in this field (Acuant). idCliQ recognized 91.18% of the fields (in Accurate Mode) versus 66.18% by Acuant.

It is well-known that you should never trust a benchmark that was executed by one of the competitors, but we promise you that we tried to select the test set randomly, from 30 different states in USA. Therefore, we believe that the reality is not far from these results.


E-commerce ID validation

Fraud detection and prevention

Mobile Apps

Banking / Insurance
Mobile app banking

Online loans

Branch banking

Account establishment


Border control

Access control

ID validation and Autorization

Traffic police

Industry applications


Car dealers / Auto sales

Car rental



Hotels / Rooms



Bars (age detection)

Visitor management

Visitor management systems

Residential access control