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The Best and Easiest to Use OCR for Invoices Software Anywhere

FormStorm Invoices™ is the fastest and easiest to use software to OCR incoming invoices, bar none. The time span from when you launch the software for the first time and the moment you process actual invoices, may be as short as five to ten minutes.


All that you need to do is to select from one of our ready to use, pre-packaged, systems for supported countries and invoice languages and formats, select the fields you like to extract, and apply the capture method you prefer.


FormStorm Invoices addresses previously unseen invoices automatically and without any lengthy set-up or expensive customization. However, if your needs call for it, you can apply our flexible event-driven programming tools to incorporate very specific additional functions such as unique external look-ups, complex validations, automated data export, etc.


When it comes to performance and accuracy, you will be hard pressed to find another solution that exceeds our fast per-page processing time and high OCR read-rates. . In the rare events when corrections are needed, data keying is minimized by using our patented OCR-On-CliQ™ technology to speed up zoning and instant recognition.


FormStorm Invoices is offered in a number of competitively priced packages. Starting at under $2,450, you will find the level that is right for you. Based on your projected volume you do not need to purchase more than you need. You can OCR – and pay for – only header data (invoice number, date, vendor, total, etc.) or read everything on the page. You may also purchase FormStorm Invoice with or without the optional payment approval cycle.