SOLUTIONS  |  OCR for Receipts

No more typing of receipts

Our advanced OCR and document understanding technology had a huge extension in order to be able to read mobile camera images. This gives us the possibility to read efficiently documents such us expense receipts that were captured by your smartphone.


This technology and the product ReceiptCliQ gives you a real saving in typing efforts.


This solution can be applied to anyone who needs to create expense or donation reports: independents, employees with current expense report software or without existing software.

Small business and independents: Get expense report for free

If you do not have any expense software - our product ReceiptCliQ will give you the ability to have it with little or almost no typing efforts, and for free. If you are living in USA or Israel, and you have Android smartphone, then read our ReceiptCliQ product page and join our beta users now.

Large and medium business: Add OCR to your existing expense software

If you are a medium or large business and you wish to connect our expense application, we will be happy to help. Please contact our sales department for further details.