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ReceiptCliQ Expense Reports with Ease

ReceiptCliQ is designed for independents and small, medium and large businesses. ReceiptCliQ streamlines the way you manage expenses.

One finger. 5 Seconds. That's all.

Just open your smartphone, click on the camera icon, and capture your receipt. Then click on the Send button – and you are done. Your receipt is now on the cloud, and in the end of the month, you will get a detailed expense report into your email.


This is how simple it is.


Simple for every user, but advanced users can do more. You can always see your old receipts, the system prompts for double feeding of the same receipt, you can write comments on every receipt in order to remember the event in which your expense occured.


There is more: your receipts are always accessible even if you change your device. The expense reports provides you a list of all your receipt data and receipt images, and group them into expense categories.


All this is free. For now, it is available for Android users in United States and Israel only. Contact our sales department to join our beta program.

If you have a business and you want to receive the expense report in XML or CSV formats, contact our sales representative.