FormStorm 8 Change Log

Previous versions legacy log (fseVersions file)


  • OCR random access violation messages


  • Improved Categorizer


  • General invoices recognitions

  • General automatic recognition of invoice tables

2020-09-30 Build 8.80.084

2020-05-26 Build 8.80.049


  • FSEMonitor stability

  • FSE.OriginalFileName is empty at OCR on start events

  • FSEMailScanner invalid characters in filename/path

  • OCRonClick in tables incorrect  row spanning

  • Broken dictionaries (DCT) treatment

  • FIFO jobs pulling

  • Binary priority bugs

  • Missing "Field Value" in queues

  • FSE.FieldException non-empty initial values


  • Various XML windows encoding support (Greek, IL and more)

  • Support for 100K+ templates 

  • Amount format learning per template 

  • Queues manipulation by creating special command files (Cancelation and priority updates)  

  • Option to change application icons 

  • New scripting properties FSE.JobExceptionComment, FSE.PageExceptionComment, FSE.FieldExceptionComment

  • Show Forms description instead of Form name in Verify station

  • Filter available Forms to show in Verify station

  • Search any system element (form, field, region, template...) in the Setup station

  • Separate Zoom option for Verify and TruTypist stations

  • Option to disable queues caching 


  • General invoices recognitions

  • General automatic recognition of invoice tables

  • Various Amount fields recognition

  • Multiple templates running options

  • Look and feel

2019-08-26 Build 8.70.695


  • FormSrorm users creation back to regular

  • "Auto one choice" fields value population

  • F1 screen freeze

  • Incorrect Supervisor station routing


  • Scripting property FSE.FAIsValid indicates field validity after OCR processing

  • Scripting property FSE.PageVisibility new value 5 - force page visibility and show all fields

  • Shift + PgDn - skips to the next "non-empty" field

  • New themes are available


  • Create multiple templates - select a specific page from template candidates files + UI updates

  • Recognition algorithm improvments

2020-09-03Build 8.80.073


  • FSE.FieldException non-empty initial values

  • Export Logging limitations


  • Categorizer

  • Automatic setup backup savings

  • FSE.LogLine - script logging in a regular log


  • General invoices recognitions

  • General automatic recognition of invoice tables

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