The Solutions We Offer

The Most Easy to Use, Robust, and Economically Viable OCR Solutions Anywhere

Whether it is reading of invoices, classification of business documents, OCR recognition of forms, performing instant extraction and authentication from ID’s, mobile capture from documents, and processing all this on-premise or in the cloud (yours or ours) – we have the solution for you.

Document Classification & DMR

CharacTell’s latest advance is FormStorm Classify, a robust document classification and DMR automated system whose purpose is to classify incoming documents automatically based on any hierarchy, content or schemes needed on a case-by-case basis. The system has been applied to process high volumes of a wide variety of document types such as incoming mail, medical documents, personnel files, insurance and banking documents, loan and mortgage applications, and many others.

A/P Automation & Invoice Processing

We offer complete, fast and easy-to-use software to OCR invoices. Whether you want it On-premise or in the cloud (yours or ours), FormStorm Invoices™ will allow you to easily stream all your incoming invoices into a single environment that will capture all its relevant data, will validate it automatically and will export it to your back-end systems for further usage.

General Form Processing & OCR

FormStorm Enterprise is a state-of-the-art form-processing software from CharacTell that uses the most powerful self-developed and third-party algorithms for Document Understanding, Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition, Optical Mark Recognition, barcode recognition, form classification, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured form recognition, as well as other advanced techniques. All are architected to work in tandem for the sole purpose of reducing the cost and time required to capture and enter data from paper to databases while maintaining the high accuracy required.

Identity Documents Reading & Verification

In today’s security oriented world the need to verify identity is paramount. Reading ID documents is a key common method to accomplish this.

idCliQ is a premier ID reading software that is based on CharacTell’s core document understanding technology. It offers superior reading capabilities for Driver’s Licenses, passports, and others. It supports all 50 US States and Canadian Provinces, and a wide range of countries, and excels when it comes to processing not only scanned images, but those captured using mobile devices.

idCliQ is offered as an SDK for full integration purposes or a ready to use server for implementations within days. We also offer its use On-Prem or in the cloud to suit a range of needs.

Other Solutions We Offer

Tax Form Processing

Thousands of tax forms exist at all levels of Government, and all require accurate and fast processing. FormStorm Enterprise has been especially optimized for the task.

Specialized Data Entry Services Using Our Cloud Technology

Whether you have other priorities, do not have the resources, or must address sudden increases in volume, we can help with dedicated data entry at near 100% accuracy to meet most SLA needs.

Who's Using Our Solutions

Numerous banks for applications ranging from processing payment coupons at ATM-based direct payments to loan applications and ID reading.

Industrial, aerospace, and logistics companies for invoice processing with integration to financial and ERP systems.

Major players facing identity verification for age verification, transportation boarding, property rentals, gaming, and other KYC needs to read hundreds of thousands of driver’s licenses per month.

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