Document Classification & Digital Mail Room

CharacTell Document Classification Software Becomes Familiar with Your Documents, Understands Their Nature, Assigns Them to the Correct Class, and Even Learns as It Works!

How It Works for You

At the heart of FormStorm Classification and DMR software is a CharacTell AI technology that identifies the collective features of an incoming document and determines its classification in the context of a predefined scheme. The classification scheme is created once, using Machine Learning methods at the outset of implementation based on a pre-classified representative sample of expected documents.

Document classification is a time-old challenge that is at the core of many high volume demanding problems. Once initially trained, CharacTell Document Classification software reduces costly in-house tasks or the need to contract with service providers.

Add new documents types during operation

Classification accuracy continually improves

Redaction of sensitive information

Assigns documents to correct class

FormStorm Classify and Digital Mailroom

FormStorm the business collect all inbound information on one platform and combine it into a single digital workflow. In addition, Charactell is able to push the point of entry back to source by utilizing distributed capture, mobile technologies or self-service alternatives and promoting straight through processing. Inbound items are classified and dispatched to their destinations within the organization resulting in improved efficiency and customer service, better relationships with suppliers and business partners, plus reduced errors and associated costs.

Leverage the benefits of multi-channel receipt, classification, and consistent validation of inbound transactions by way of a single conduit.

Central or Distributed Mail Capture

Electronic Forms

Processing eMail with Attachments

Mobile Device Capture

FormStorm’s single platform technology means all the modules of the solution will work together seamlessly, adding valuable flexibility and scalability to the workflow and the entire solution. Processes are streamlined, data entry tasks and errors are minimized, compliance with industry regulations simplified, and business efficiency is improved. 


Automation with FormStorm DMR reduces the need for manual data entry and the human errors involved. FormStorm DMR achieves high accuracy, classifying all mail by using Supervised Learning technology.


With FormStorm DMR, information received can be priorites and driven in to business systems at the earliest point for action and significantly improve turnaround times.

Our Case In Point.

Many financial systems require the upload or submission of tax forms for various purposes, primarily for income verification. Confirmation that all the required forms have been provided can be laborious, time consuming, and costly.

The nine hundred or so federal tax forms contain multiple pages, vary from year to year, and come in different variations depending on their source. The result? Many thousands of different page types need must be distinguished and classified properly. 

FormStorm Classify is unmatched with its ability to process such a large span of document possibilities, and do so at near-instant speed regardless of library size. The result is a streamlined, fast, and accurate classification process that saves time and cost.

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