Form Processing & OCR

CharacTell Offers the Most Practical & Accurate Form Processing Solution for Any Form Type — Structured, Unstructured, & Anything in Between 

The Ultimate Form Processing Platform

Whether it’s conference registrations, financial applications, loans, warranty registration forms, magazine subscriptions, checks, payment vouchers, or tax forms, our FormStorm Enterprise can be applied quickly and efficiently to address your data entry business problem accurately and economically.

For developers, FormStorm even has its own built-in, no cost API. Resellers can integrate FormStorm into their systems and applications while users may apply it or FormStorm’s other tools to create custom functions (validation, routing, custom function keys), or nearly anything else you can imagine. No other system offers you such freedom!

Market Applications for FormStorm Enterprise


Production Management
Quality Control


Loan Applications
Check Processing




Tax Processing

Logistics & Transportation

Way Bills
Customs & Shipping


Policy Applications
Claims Processing

Human Resources

Employment Applications
Personnel Records


Financial Aid Processing
Admission Applications

Hospitality & Facility Security

Entry Control
Property Management

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