Identity Document Reading & Verification

The Most Accurate ID Reading for Scanned & Mobile Images

Introducing idCliQ™ Accurate Results Based on Powerful Home-Grown Technology

A wide variety of organizations today need to verify the identity of the individual customers they interact with. Whether it is a bank or any other financial institution meeting their Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, a landlord, an automotive dealer or car rental agency, an on-line casino, or an airline, they all face the same dilemma: how to accurately and quickly capture and enter identity documents into their operating systems. 

Enter idCliQ - it does just that.

idCliQ™ Packages

idCliQ SDK

This robust development library (API) enables the application to embed idCliQ’s capabilities in larger scale systems.

idCliq Server

A ready to use local server offers a faster way to include ID reading in your environment.

idCliQ Cloud

idCliQ is optimized to process ID images that are captured by mobile devices, you may link to our cloud processing system and enjoy maximum flexibility.

Industry Applications for idCliQ™

Banking & Fintech, Insurance

Mobile Banking
Online Loans
Branch Banking
Account Establishment
Currency Exchanges

Visitor Management

Visitor Management Systems
Residential Access Control


E-com ID Validation
Fraud Detection & Prevention
Mobile Apps


Border Control
Access Control
ID Validation & Authorization
Traffic Police

Hospitality & Gaming

Hotel Check-In
Casinos (incl. online)
Bars (age detection)

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