USA tax forms classification and OCR

Tax forms processing is required in several industries, such as education applications, real estate and mortgage loans (whether conforming or jumbo), automotive and boat loans, line of credit loans, etc.


There are thousands of different tax forms and pages. And each tax form can be created by US government / states or financial softwares, that produce different variations of the same forms. The task of classifying a stream of unknown documents into thousands of document types quickly and accurately is extremely demanding. In the case of tax forms which are occasionally captured by mobile cameras, this task is even more challenging. CharacTell succeeded to build a technology which classifies tax forms documents into the exact document types, with less than 0.1% error rate, and above 90% success rate. Human classification percentage error on similar documents is typically several percentage points.

USA tax forms industries
There are several applications and industries that could benefit from automated tax form processing, such as:
  • Student applications
  • Real estate and mortgage loans
  • Line of credit loans
And more.​