Application for Admissions Processing

Admission means permission to enter a certain organization or institution. School admission is probably the most common admission process an individual goes through. In order to be admitted to an institution, one must submit an application providing relevant data needed by the organization to review credentials. 

The application for admissions processing typically starts with filling out an application form consisting of a wide range of documents type. The next step is an administrator will review the filled-out application form and subject it to approval in compliance with their requirements. Most of the time, the application goes through several administrators for approval. 

Once the application is approved, other requirements may be needed, such as payment for admission. After completing the requirements, an official document or certification will serve as proof of admission.    

College admissions, hospital admissions, or an organization’s membership are some examples where the application for admissions processing is relevant. Like processing other forms, institutions are now using automated admission processing to streamline application processes. Moreover, with thousands of applications received in the admission office, automated admission processing is the key to saving time from data entry and making fewer errors due to typing mistakes. 

Also, fortunately, application forms for admissions processing are an example of structured data, which means it has a well-defined structure and complies with a data model. Structured data is the easiest data to automate within an OCR system and other document processing technologies.  

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