AP Automation & OCR for Invoices

The Best, Easiest to Use, and Most Flexible Software to OCR Incoming Invoices, Bar None

It is expensive to process invoices!

FormStorm Invoices can help reduce these costs. No other system can do it as quickly “out of the box,” or as economically as FormStorm. No other system can be adapted so powerfully to your specific needs.

The American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) polled 1,485 organizations on the total cost of AP and found participants were paying between $2.07 and $10 per invoice.

A 2010 study conducted by the Aberdeen Group found that invoice processing costs range from $5-$25 per invoice.

P2Insight analyzed data from several sources to estimate the cost of invoice processing ranging from $13.89 (standard processing) to $76.39 (processing with exceptions)


Speed invoice data entry, while reducing manual labor

Improve accuracy of data entered to your database(s)

Invoice images are available for archiving instead of paper filing

Gain better control over your cash flow

Streamline your A/P department's operations

Economical to acquire and maintain over time

Select the Service Level That Suits Your Needs


The time span from when you launch the software for the first time and the moment you process actual invoices, may be as short as five to ten minutes.

FormStorm Invoices addresses previously unseen invoices automatically and without any lengthy set-up or expensive customization. However, if your needs call for it, you can apply our flexible event-driven programming tools to incorporate very specific additional functions such as unique external look-ups, complex validations, automated data export, etc.


When it comes to performance and accuracy, you will be hard pressed to find another solution that exceeds our fast per-page processing time and high OCR read-rates. In the rare events when corrections are needed, data keying is minimized by using our patented OCR-On-CliQ™ technology to speed up zoning and instant recognition.

For those of you seeking near-error-free data capture, CharacTell offers specialized data entry service for complex invoice layouts and a range of languages.

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