FormStorm Invoices™

The Easy, Fast, and Accurate way to Capture and Process Invoices

Start processing your own invoices within minutes from installation without the need for customization!

Why FormStorm Invoices?

FormStorm Invoices™ is a complete, fast and easy-to-use software to OCR invoices. FormStorm Invoices™ will allow you to easily stream all of your incoming invoices into a single environment that will capture all its relevant data, will validate it automatically and will export it to your backend systems for further use.

Easy to Use

FormStorm Invoices™ can successfully deal with header-only or Header + line-items invoices, including high volumes of multi-page invoices and in different (including mixed) languages. The minimal setup time required to launch the software for the first time is significantly shorter than any other solution in comparison.

Minimal Setup

FormStorm Invoices addresses previously unseen invoices automatically and without any lengthy set-up or expensive customization. However, if your needs call for it, you can apply our flexible event-driven programming tools to incorporate very specific additional functions such as unique external look-ups, complex validations, automated data export, etc.


When it comes to performance and accuracy, you will be hard pressed to find another solution that exceeds our fast per-page processing time and high OCR read-rates. In the rare events when corrections are needed, data keying is minimized by using our patented OCR-On-CliQ™ technology to speed up zoning and instant recognition.


Other invoice processing systems can extract data and transfer it to a database. No other system can do it as quickly “out of the box,” or as economically as FormStorm. You will see lower costs in your A/P department, more accurate data, and a more efficient environment.

Process previously unknown invoices without prior setup

System learns new layouts automatically

Intuitive data verification via CharacTell’s patented OCR-On-CliQ(TM) technology

Scalable to any volume of invoices

Supports multiple languages and country data structure

Management tools make administration less fatigable

Faster processing of incoming invoices, reduced labor costs

More accurate data extracted to your databases

Precise matching of invoices to purchase orders

Invoice images are available for archiving and access

Reduction of late payments

Better opportunities to take advantage of payment terms and discounts

Managerial control over the Accounts Payable operation


With the costs to process invoices as high as they are, FormStorm Invoices offers many key benefits.

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