FormStorm Classify

Arguably the fastest and most sensitive among document classifiers, FormStorm Classify can process many thousands of different documents fast and accurately.

At the heart of FormStorm Classification and DMR software is a CharacTell AI technology that identifies the collective features of an incoming document and determines its classification in the context of a predefined scheme. The classification scheme is created once, using Machine Learning methods at the outset of implementation based on a pre-classified representative sample of expected documents.

FormStorm Classify

Documents come in all shapes, sizes, and content range. Yet, they still need to be understood and classified so they may be either processed properly, or routed to the desired destination.

FormStorm Classify can do just that. Train it one time, and it is ready to go! It will understand the nature of documents presented to it, and is capable of distinguishing among minute document differences.

Based on CharacTell technology, and applying advanced principles of document understanding, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, and others, FormStorm Classify improves its understanding over time and stays current with your needs.

FormStorm Digital Mail Room

The FormStorm DMR Platform is able to differentiate between document types according to document content and examining the document in relation to others.

FormStorm DMR combines different learning and classification techniques to route incoming documents of all types in accordance with the enterprise’s business priorities and compliance regulations. These algorithms are based on artificial intelligence that help to classify the content.

This multi-tier, automated document classification solution leads to less batch preparation and ensures the document is handled correctly in terms of index extraction and validation. Various techniques can be combined to achieve the optimum outcome for the expected document types, including form identification, freeform content, graphical algorithms, and image-based classification. 

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