The Most Accurate and Flexible ID Reading Solution Specializing in Mobile-Generated Images Anywhere

In an internal benchmark we conducted using authentic US driver licenses, idCliQ proved 38% more accurate than a leading competitor.

The idCliQ Advantage

idCliQ™ is a line of robust, accurate, and flexible software-only solutions to the challenge of reading and extracting data from identity documents. idCliQ is available to developers to incorporate in larger scope systems while operating locally or via the cloud. Stand-alone applications supporting specific needs are available for standard installation at customers’ sites.

idCliQ’s ability to process and read ID documents captured by mobile devices is key. In an internal benchmark we conducted using a large common set using authentic US driver licenses, both from scanners and mobile devices, idCliQ was clearly superior compared to its main competitor in this field. idCliQ recognized 91.18% of the fields (in Accurate Mode) versus 66.18% by a leading competitor.


idCliQ offers flexibility of implementation and usage to meet any need or preference. Developers and project managers implementing on-premise have a choice of a ready-to-use server or an SDK to suit their architectural needs. Or, you may run idCliQ in the cloud if more suitable in your case. The underlying technology and reading capabilities are the same in all cases.

idCliQ Server

A ready to use local server offers a faster way to include ID reading in your environment. This server is designed for on-premise use as the ID document reading center you offer to customers as a cloud service, or can be resold for on-site installation at a customer site. All that is required is installation and configuration for idCliQ Server to get to work.

idCliQ SDK

For OEM’s and other system developers an SDK may be the path of choice. The idCliQ SDK is the tool for you, and you have total control on how you incorporate idCliQ. This robust development library (API) enables the application to embed idCliQ’s capabilities in larger scale systems via tight integration and creating your own server. The server can be located at the customer’s site or in your farm as long as all system components are connected.

Mobile Capture and Cloud Service

idCliQ is optimized to process ID images that are captured by mobile devices, not just scanned images. If you have the freedom to do so, you may link to our cloud processing system and enjoy maximum flexibility. Send ID images, we process them and you receive the results. We may offer data completion in some cases.

FormStorm’s single platform technology means all the modules of the solution will work together seamlessly, adding valuable flexibility and scalability to the workflow and the entire solution. Processes are streamlined, data entry tasks and errors are minimized, compliance with industry regulations simplified, and business efficiency is improved. 

idCliQ offers broad support of driver’s licenses and other documents from many countries: all 50 US States and Canadian provinces, Western Europe, Far East and others.

If available the back side of a license is read and helps validate results of the front side that are always read. Internal validation techniques serve to improve accuracy.

idCliQ is optimized to process difficult images that are captured by mobile phones and other devices. This particular capabilitiy contributes greatly to idCliQ’s unique advantage.

How idCliQ Works

idCliQ reads both sides of a wide range of identity cards, and accurately OCRs the printed information from them. If barcodes are present (1-D and 2-D PDF 417), they are read as well. As an integral part of the processing various internal validation checks are made automatically, such as address and name verification, as well as other cross checks.

idCliQ reads driver licenses and other ID’s from all USA states, and other countries like Canada, European countries, Australia and more. According to our tests, made on US ID document that were captured by mobile devices or scanners, idCliQ is the most accurate ID recognition software anywhere.

idCliQ’s underlying technology is based on years of development and expertise in the field of image and document processing, and optical character recognition. idCliQ offers an unparalleled and unique combination of advanced reading, matching, and other recognition processes, all working in tandem under the hood. Where idCliQ has been field-tested, it was to meet or exceed the speed and reading performance level of any competitor.

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