Artificial Intelligence (AI) OCR

Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a computer to make the best decisions based on its algorithm and training. With the continuous development in producing more and more types of documents for business processes, AI is used in OCR technology to make the conversion faster and more accurate. 

AI simulates human thoughts to perform tasks on its own. Integrating AI in OCR allows for capturing information from an image of text and comprehension of the content based on the available template or dataset of the OCR system. AI tools are also responsible for scanning possible mistakes in documents before or after processing them with OCR. 

The development of AI has paved the way for organizations to automate their document processing. The practice of storing information through paper files has been declining since AI OCR tools continue to prove their efficiency and effectiveness in capturing and converting images of text into machine-encoded text. 

Machine learning and computer vision are both types of AI that often assist OCR technologies. For instance, in managing financial reports, a business uses algorithms to analyze a document’s template to identify the information it wishes to obtain. Then, it uses the OCR engine to extract and convert the identified data into machine-readable text. Lastly, deep neural networks, which is a method in AI, help translate documents using live data to reduce errors.  

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