OCR Robot (BOT)

Robots, or simply bots, use different software and technologies to copy how the human mind works in coming up with the best decision possible using efficient and accurate processes. Most business organizations use bots to automate data-processing procedures, which may take hours if done manually. 

Robotic process automation (RPA) utilizes software robots running on a physical or artificial machine. RPA is part of a business process automation which allows the business or organization to define a set of instructions for a robot to perform. In particular, it can have a script perform the same task across different data sources without having to write custom code for each one.

With an OCR robot, the OCR’s image recognition features allow the bots to identify and record texts from images of text in a very short amount of time. Then, the bots help the OCR in converting the needed data or information into structured data for further processing, as well as other related tasks.. 

OCR robot contributes to an efficient and convenient data management system, allowing the extracted data to be accessible, searchable, and even editable at any time. Moreover, it helps institutions to automate business processes, especially the necessary data or information that come from scanned paperwork or written documents such as customer-filled-out forms.  

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