Text Detection & Data Extraction

Text detection and data extraction are partners when it comes to automating document processing. Unlike humans, who can distinguish a text at first glance, basic computers cannot differentiate characters or symbols. So, technologies are being developed with text detection and data extraction capabilities. 

OCR technology is probably the most common technology with text detection and data extraction skills. These methods are two of the most crucial steps for managing information available in an organization or a business.  

Text detection basically means identifying the text present in an image. In order to determine the text, the system uses pattern-matching algorithms to compare the characters’ strokes, shapes, sizes, patterns, and styles to an internal database. 

On the other hand, once the system detects the text, it is now ready for data extraction. Data extraction is the process of getting relevant information from the system to be used in business or organization processes. Aside from accessing the data extracted right away, it can also be classified, stored, and managed for future access or use. 

But note that the accuracy of detecting text from an image is not always guaranteed. The text detection process heavily depends on the quality of the image or scanned pages. 

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